It is nice when management makes an effort and spends on nice uniforms that go with the theme of a restaurant. It is  surprising when the waitstaff actually engages the customers and goes beyond the mandatory “may I take your order” spiel. This isn’t something you’d normally encounter in local restaurants. Most employees are on autopilot (in restaurants, call centers, banks, retail outlets) and are probably either too tired  to go any further than the usual script. If not too tired, many are too shy. Either way, going out of the way to say something beyond the scope of  what your job requires does takes some effort. Exchanging pleasantries, though a great way to keep your customers coming back, can be tiring. So when a customer is treated to a verbal exchange that is beyond the usual, it can add a nice little bright spot to your day.

But in as much as in-theme uniforms and unexpected sassy remarks from waitstaff can be amusing, they doesn’t mean anything if they aren’t doing their jobs. If it takes forever to get a glass of water because not one of the many servers in a barely occupied restaurant are looking at the floor area, being “cute” isn’t going to make up for it. If, once seated, you have to explain that you’d like a menu and all you get are blank stares, the tongue-in-cheek, overly familiar comment made when your order FINALLY arrives, isn’t going to make you feel less annoyed.

I’m all for being charming/sassy/cute/witty/personable. Absolutely all for it. But if too much effort is put on that and not enough on getting the actual job done, some serious examination of priorities should be in order.