Having flown Delta for the first time two years ago, I was preparing myself for the same subpar experience: flight attendants that were rude (one even rolled her eyes within sight of a passenger), service that was slow and at times given in a way that made you feel you were bothering them with your request. So I was quite skeptical upon viewing the video that preceded the inflight safety instructions- it contained a message from Delta’s CEO, Richard Anderson about how Delta people were committed to service and are the best at what they do.


But there was an apparent change. At almost every customer touchpoint, the staff thanked us for choosing to fly with Delta. The staff in cabin were friendlier, more accommodating and were faster in getting you your request. (And if they couldn’t get it to you right away, they apologized)

The women at the JFK Sky Club check-in counter were also extra helpful and warm, trying to get my husband and me seated together.


Plus the surprise upgrade to Business Class was a wonderful treat headed back to Manila. It was also lucky since we got to enjoy the newly constructed Sky Club lounge that was very spacious and had sleek touchscreen terminals for placing your orders. The only slight disappointment was that the wifi was a bit slow.





Upon our arrival in Manila, I promptly received an online survey from Delta to rate my recent flight experience with them. Needless to say, they got a glowing review from me. Looking forward to flying with them again soon.


This is not a paid post. The review here is based entirely on my personal observation and opinion.