status updateIn today’s Facebooked/Twittered out world, letting the world know what you’re up to has become pretty commonplace. Whether it be big announcements (“Are they Facebook official yet?”), news-worthy bits of information (“Signal #2, all classes in Metro Manila are suspended.”) or sometimes, the overly emo/passive-aggressive (“I hate you.” ), updating your status and reading other people’s updates are what comes with the first cup of coffee in morning. Like what reading the papers used be. This is what it has come to. Mornings are incomplete without a quick peek into everyone else’s lives. Be it informative or annoying, it is always entertaining. Virtual voyeurism is the future and well… apparently, the future is now.

So taking into the fact that we’ve started to become so hungry for instant gratification… oops… I meant, information, you’d think that businesses that revolve around delivering goods, would catch up. Frustration builds when you are waiting for an important document, say, oh.. a passport, to be delivered and it doesn’t come. Then you call and try to track it down and when both the government agency and courier service seem to have no idea what you are talking about, frustration slowly morphs into panic coupled with a strong splash of anger. Time is wasted and stress levels go up and you are left feeling helpless while waiting for someone, anyone , to let you know what is going on. And when your passport (or whatever you’re expecting) finally arrives, 3 days late, the floods of relief come rushing in but you are still left thinking that you actually didn’t mind so much that it was late, all you wanted to know was where it was.

Customers want to know the status of what they are paying for. If there is any kind of delay in delivery because of a logistical mishap, bad weather or even a some confusion in the kitchen (the food is taking forever!), a few words of apology and some reassurance that everything is being done to get things moving is all the customer needs, most of the time. It will save everyone the aggravation and bad press (nothing travels faster after all) and hopefully, it will help you keep your customer.