Even though they got the spelling wrong in Italian (Toscano), or perhaps they were going for a play with words, the overall service experience at Tuscano was a surprising delight.  From the cozy interiors to the very efficient and friendly (but not bordering on manic or nutrasweet fakery), the service really upped the quality of the food- which was also quite delicious.

It’s one of the few restaurants that is generous with its condiments with a nice wooden pepper grinder thrown into the mix.  Most restaurants will not willingly part with their olive oil, fresh pepper, balsamic and will take it swiftly from under your nose after your use.  Tuscano didn’t mind leaving this set parked at our table.

Another very nice touch was serving the extra spoon I had requested in a wicker basket with lots of tissue underneath it.

This gives the diners the impression that the restaurant is big on hygiene and not stingy when it comes to dispensing paper napkins unlike most restaurants in the Philippines.  The food came quickly and was also quite fresh and tasty.  The good-bye greeting of our server sounded very sincere, and the adding of “have a nice day” as he held the door open for us had an equally authentic sentiment behind it.  Well done on service Tuscano! You get 4 silver stars!