FullSizeRenderBeing familiar with the excellent quality of food and service from the Raintree group of restaurants, we were sure trying out this fairly new restaurant at Megamall’s Fashion Hall would not disappoint.  We were given a table without too much of a wait and were given quick and friendly service.  Our server however, did not really know how to respond when asked about what a certain dish was- so she made up an answer.  Naturally, one can imagine our dismay when our food arrived, and it was not what the waitress had said it would be.  Another item we had ordered was not taken down correctly, so we were given another type of squid.  We were quite perplexed at all this but said nothing.  Our disappointed expressions were probably very evident, as the manager approached us soon after.  I don’t know how she picked up on this so quickly, but she swiftly apologized for the erring waitress’s carelessness.  Talk about excellent reading of body language! She made no excuses though, for her staff’s negligent behaviour and followed up with:  “Your dinner is on us.”  We were too shocked to immediately reply, especially since we had not verbally voiced our complaint to said manager.  We accepted though as she really seemed earnest in trying to correct disappointment after disappointment that we had experienced.  She even gave us an added bonus, 2 gift certificates so we would come back.  Needless to say, we were very, very impressed.

Thank you, Chelsea Kitchen.  You really turned the situation around through your excellent manager on duty that night.  She gave us a very good memory of what could have been a very negative dining experience.   It’s really an excellent example of service recovery and how swift action and decision making with your customer’s best interest can save the day.

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