Hiring and retaining service staff that know how to pull at your heart strings should be a priority for management, regardless of industry.  It sets apart ordinary customer service from stellar service that is heartfelt and pure.   Staff that are trained to be empathic, sensitive and who go beyond what the customer normally expects really create a strong, positive brand image.

Take a look at this story we heard about last weekend.  A Krispy Kreme employee was requested by a customer to give a street urchin playing in the Krispy Kreme  store in Greenhills a doughnut of her choice, while wishing to remain anonymous.  The said employee was touched by the request and was only too happy to make it happen.  In fact, that employee was so moved by the gesture of the customer that she sent over an original glazed doughnut (on the house) to the customer’s table.  What was very surprising about this kind gesture was the message that was written on the plate that was used to serve the doughnut.  It read: “Bless your kind heart.” The message was simple, clear and full of impact.   It was recognition of a small act of kindness that the employee decided should not go unnoticed, in even the tiniest way.  These kinds of acts of service stay with customers and become very good free press for the brand.   It barely costs anything, but the memory stays with the recipient.   Aside from that, this level of service that delights and surprises customers can become addictive, hence attracting more customers to the establishment.  It just goes to show that the smallest act of service, when given without expecting anything back, is really quite transformative and powerful.