butter popcorn


Recently at a popcorn stand by the cinema, I encountered one of the friendliest order takers in my life.  She was very efficient, but perhaps, she was a tad too friendly.  Read on to see if you agree.

She was sincere in complimenting me graciously as she thought I had a nice smile, and asked if the guy behind me in line and I were together.  Of course we both violently disagreed (as we did not know one another) and to my utter shock, she asked for both our names and introduced us to one another. She repeated twice that the poor guy behind me had been smiling at me.   To humor her we both said hello to one another, because she seemed to be waiting for us to do so.  I have never before been ambush set-up like that, and by a complete stranger at that!  The situation was so hilarious- especially since the guy was probably half my age and even had braces on.  The lady continued with the her small talk as our orders were being processed, asking what movie I was going to see, etc.  Although her chatter did not get in the way of her quick service, I felt that there should have been a bit more of a professional distance maintained.  She was very kind and was probably just trying to make a human connection so as to make her customers’ wait go by faster.

We would like to know if you felt that her being a little too overfriendly to us as her customers toed the line of professionalism.  Other customers might have taken offense to her playful manner, or might have felt uncomfortable.  What would you have done in this situation? Is it ok to spend too much time talking to a particular customer, especially one you have never served before? Tell us your thoughts here.  We would love to hear your take on this service situation.