EDIt-16-2More often than not, we go through our lives running through routines. We get up, get some coffee, make our way to work (an ever-daunting task in Manila… in December), sit at our desks, get some work done, have lunch, get more work done, psych ourselves up for the (even more) daunting task of going home, have dinner, watch some TV/ surf the internet/ play with the kids/read a book and repeat the next day.

There isn’t anything wrong with routines. I am a big fan of routines. Especially my morning ones. You gotta do what you gotta do, in whatever form that doing takes. Sometimes though, it’s easy to end up feeling vaguely robotic. You know what you have to do, you know that other people have to  do what they have to do, and whatever interaction takes place remains somewhere  in between polite small talk and an airport announcement spiel.

It’s when the guy you regularly get your coffee from remembers your name, your drink choice and wishes that you have a  nice day that kind of puts a smile on your face. It’s the security guard who has mastered the art of looking like he’s in charge while being really cheerful about it. It’s the person who smilingly holds the lift for you as you rush to catch the doors. It’s the sales lady who cracks a joke while you pay at the register. It’s being treated like a human being.

These are the little things I’m thankful for. As the countdown to Christmas begins, things are getting a lot more hectic. We already know that traffic is going to be bad and  that shopping will be a test of patience. Hopefully, we don’t forget to recognize, be thankful for and RECIPROCATE the little things that put a little bounce in your step.

What are your little things?