I was completely disoriented after a gruelling flight home to Manila using the Air China route from SFO that had a 2-hr. layover in Beijing.  Such was my exhaustion that I came home to find my favorite pair of eyeglasses not in any of my suitcases! I contacted NAIA terminal 1 where we landed and gave the details of the cab company (luckily the lobby guard had taken note of this when we arrived- even in the wee hours of 230am!) that had taken us home.  I was also connected to their lost & found section which did not yield my eyeglasses.  I could not think of any other place that I could have possibly left them behind, except… the plane!

So without expecting much, I rang Air China’s ground office in Terminal 1 and was connected to a very bubbly and helpful employee named Jessica.  She said that they did in fact have glasses that they found on the flight I was on, CA 179.  She asked me to describe the pair I was missing, she indicated that they were not the pair she had in hand.  I was ready to give up hope of ever being reunited with my favorite pair of eyewear when she said she would check again.  You cannot imagine my glee when she confirmed that they had my glasses in their office.  She asked me when I could come pick them up from the airport, and when we had set a day, she kindly reminded me to come within office hours.

Jessica was so kind to give me her mobile number so it would be easier for me to contact her when I arrived.  In fact, last Sunday, she even sent me a text message asking me to message her when I was near so she could give me my glasses.  We had originally agreed that I would go up to her office, but we took a wrong and ended up in the arrivals area.  When I told Jessica this by phone, without missing a beat, she offered to meet me at the arrivals terminal where I was.


NAIA Terminal 1

NAIA Terminal 1

She asked me to look out for her in her colorful Air China uniform, which looks like this:  I thought she was so thoughtful to mention this detail.

Air China ground staff uniformAir China ground staff uniform

 I was overjoyed when she finally handed me my eyeglasses as I was challenged with myopia for 4 whole days! She immediately obliged when I asked for a photo with her so that I could include it in this post.  Her kindness to a complete stranger and willingness to help me recover my lost item as quickly and as fuss-free as possible are testament to her customer service savvy.

with Jessica of Air China NAIA 1 ground staff

with Jessica of Air China NAIA 1 ground staff

She asked for another photo and I was only too happy to relent.

Thank you again Jessica! :)

Thank you again Jessica! 🙂

May there be more Jessicas out there, willing to go the extra mile to make a customer happy. <3

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