Having Uber here in Manila is a great option for when you don’t want to take your car or you suddenly find yourself without a ride.  The main issues one has to deal with are spotty wifi or internet connections and of course, traffic which kind of affect the ETAs that drivers communicate to their passengers.  A few minutes delay is tolerable, but a 9 minute wait should not reach almost 40 minutes, without any kind of communication from the driver.  I had to be the one the one to call when I noticed via the GPS on my phone that the car supposed to pick me up kept turning in circles.  The driver apologized about the delay but when I asked him why he didn’t call, I was stunned by his reply.  He said he didn’t have any cellphone load to make a call to another network.  This just sounded like a very weak excuse.  Naturally we expect a certain quality when we pay premium rates to use services of a brand as credible as uber.  Not having enough ammo in your cellphone just does not hold any water.

As is my normal practice, I promptly send feedback at the conclusion of each uber trip and communicated my unhappy experience.  Within seconds, I was shocked to receive a reply.  And in it, was not only a very sincere apology, there was also the quick decision to refund my whole trip and to credit it to a future ride.  Here’s a copy of Uber’s swift reply below:



Needless to say,  Uber, I was very impressed.  Thank you for acknowledging my issue and turning it around big time. Uber fast service recovery with very high regard for the customer definitely made my day end better.