image taken from Caffe Sant'Antonio Facebook page

image taken from Caffe Sant’Antonio Facebook page

I had never heard of suspended coffee being done here in the Philippines until I encountered it at Caffé Sant’Antonio in Tagaytay.  For those that don’t know, suspended coffee is the practice of buying a cup or two for another person to enjoy it later.  (At this cafe, they also throw in a bun of bread!) It’s such a wonderful practice that won’t hurt your wallet as a cup of regular coffee at this quaint little cafe just costs PhP 20.00.  It is also going to be extra appreciated now that it is the rainy season.

What I don’t understand is why this isn’t a trend that’s catching on in other cafes.  It is a simple, doable, random act of kindness to buy a cup of joe for someone else.  The act of warming up someone else’s insides (especially those that are in desperate need of it) is a tangible service act that truly warms up the giver as well.  Establishments like Caffé Sant’Antonio that not only provide warm service but encourage its patrons to be of service to others as well, truly walk the talk.  These are the types of businesses that deserve a lot of support, and their service practice hopefully, will spark a new trend that will remain in style.

suspended coffee2

suspended coffee