This was such an exciting year for SilverTrain! We look back with much fondness and gratitude for all the wonderful people we were able to work with and all the meaningful work we were able to accomplish.  We are so grateful for all the good stuff that became part of our 2015. We send only good stuff back to all the people that worked equally hard to make sure their people got the necessary training they needed.  As we wrapped our Christmas presents to be delivered in the coming days, we think about how we continue to try to be gifts that others would want to open.  Though a generally positive year, it was also a year fraught with a lot of global challenges.

As we will soon say good bye to 2015, we’d like you to think about what you were grateful for in 2015.  And while you’re at it, what kind of gift do you intend to be to others for the coming 2016? We have to remember that  no act of kindness is too small, and no act of service is too insignificant to be done without.  As we toast our glasses to usher in the New Year, let us commit to how we can make 2016 a better one for one another.


Our Christmas Deliveries on Their Way to You!