The Pancake House branch at Burgos Circle really put a smile on face through the service of one of their staff members named Teody.  My husband asked if he could order from the kiddie meal even if we did not have a kid with us.  I half expected our server to turn us down as it has happened before.  To my surprise, he very reassuringly told us “kahit pang kids po yan, pwedeng po rin sa atin yan” (even if that is for kids, it’s ok for us too).   It was such a simple thing he did, but made us feel he was in charge and was competent at his job.

He was quick in capturing our orders correctly, and made us feel comfortable and welcomed.  He even obliged when we asked for a photo with him.  It’s this kind of friendly hospitality and flexibility that keeps customers loyal.  You have really upped your service game, Pancake House! Teody is proof of it.  Kudos to you!

pancake house teody

with Teody