We’ve all been there. Customer Experience Hell. When the person we’ve been trying to explain what it is we need seems to be speaking another language. Worse is when they’re outright not listening and when you need to repeat what you’ve just said- over and over.

But to the company providing that service or disservice, rather, what is it really costing them?  Let’s take a look at the aggressive online retail space as an example.  ABIS Consulting Group General Manager Tim Sanchez, has this to say about results from the Tealeaf 2010 Online Transactions Survey conducted by Harris Interactive:

Online retailers may have lost a whopping $44 billion due to poor online customer experiences. The number is shocking, but not that surprising to me. Online retailers are especially open to people shopping with their customer experience wallets. The next retailer isn’t down the street or across the town. They’re only a click away.

Naturally you’d think these figures would translate to all organisations emphasizing the importance of a strong customer service culture among their staff.  But perhaps the pain isn’t evident for some companies or they have a different idea of the essence of a happy customer experience.