Cebu based accessories manufacturer, Sepa Accessories Cebu had delivered a package I had been waiting excitedly for.  It was very well packaged, wrapped in pretty floral print paper with a bright orange bow.  Inside was a box that contained a neat bubble wrapped package which revealed two sets of bracelets.

I thought it might have been a generous mistake to have added another bracelet to the one I ordered.  So I proceeded to admire the other bracelet in the package taking in the colours and textures… when I realised it wasn’t what I had ordered.   Upon closer inspection of the package, there was another recipient’s name inside the bubble wrapped package, and it wasn’t mine.


I texted the owner, Dianne Espera, to let her know that I was mistakenly sent the package of another customer and was wondering if she knew where my package went.  She replied shortly after with her sincere apologies, validating if I had been sent just one box. (An immediate service plus, as it is oddly uncommon for Filipinos to verbalise apologies) She kindly asked if I could mail back the items back to Cebu after she deposited the shipping fee to my account.   She would reassured me that she would have the right items sent to me as well.  And she apologised again.  Since the incident was handled so nicely by her, I offered to send the package directly to the right recipient since the person, turns out, lived in the same city anyway.  So the owner wouldn’t have to spend twice on shipping.   And she quickly told me that my future order would be waived of shipping fees.

In a few days’ time (as there was a recent 4-day long weekend) I received this package:

which contained the proper contents this time.
Thank you Sepa for quickly turning around what could have been a bad customer experience by acknowledging the problem, apologising and acting quickly to fix it with the additional salve of waiving the next shipping fee for the inconvenience caused the customer.