Last weekend Lifeline helped save my Dad.  Having sustained injuries from an 8 ft. drop to concrete, within 40 minutes of the phone call being made to Lifeline, the ambulance made it to Antipolo all the way from Paranaque.  The emergency team was quick yet very careful to not move my Dad, as we were not yet sure what was broken from the fall.  He was put into a neck brace and carefully put onto a stretcher.

Once inside the ambulance, things moved much quicker.  He was administered with oxygen and a blood pressure monitor attached to one of his fingers. The driver swiftly navigated his way  through the main highway counterflow, and in about 15 minutes, we were in Medical City. The only thing that could’ve made the ride more comfortable was better air-conditioning.  The rescue team were all soaked in sweat, not to mention my Dad, who was already in a lot of pain from the fall.  The team made us feel confident in them, in their quiet but decisive actions and quick emergency response procedures.  Thank you once again Lifeline for getting my Dad so quickly to Medical City”s ER so he could have the proper care and access to immediate painkillers.