As I suddenly had a cancelled appointment and was in the Fort area, I decided to get my teeth cleaned.  I entered  a dental clinic with two  female dentist’s assistants/nurses at the reception while a man chatted on the phone at the reception desk.  First I asked one of the ladies if they were taking patients, and she confirmed that their next appointment was in 2 hours, so yes, they could take me.  I proceeded to ask about how much it would cost to have a regular cleaning and was told about the price range (PhP 800.00 to PhP 3,000.00 depending on the amount of plaque found- she pointed to three different photos showing teeth with varying amounts of plaque)

I soon realized that the man on the phone was the dentist as he smiled, motioning to me that he would be done with his phone call in a bit.  So I waited some more and asked again if I could be quoted on the price just by looking at my teeth.  The assistant assured me this could be done as soon as the dentist got off the phone, and that he would get off in a bit.  It dawned on me that the phone call would not end soon as the dentist was still laughing into the phone.  (It was obviously not a medical emergency, nor was it anything medical for that matter)

By this time I found the dentist’s behavior to be perfectly unprofessional to make a would-be patient wait as he finished he chit-chat.  What’s worse is he never once mentioned to whoever he was talking to that he would have to go soon, as there was a patient waiting in front of him. And I asked myself if I really wanted someone as cavalier as that to be working on my teeth!  (I immediately felt guilty as I’ve only ever had one dentist who I absolutely love, as he is not only efficient, he is warm and always explains the procedures as he does them)  So I left.

It’s just wrong to make your customers wait indefinitely.  First impressions are everything especially when a customer wants to try a new product or service.  You only have a short window to prove why you are deserving of your customer’s valuable time and money.  Unfortunately, many people don’t see it this way yet.  It is just more concerning when these people are in healthcare.