Even if there was a line to get into this decadent looking tea place, I just had to give TWG go, having heard rave reviews about it.  It was reminiscent of the opulent cafes in Vienna or Italy down to the velvet rope at the entrance, touches of gold, sparkly lights and tight space.  The receptionist in front advised me that reservations weren’t accepted, but I could have my name listed and check back in a few minutes as they didn’t text customers once a table freed up  Since there was only one other person before me, I decided to come back in a few minutes, and I was glad I did.

I only had to wait in line a bit more till a table freed up, and the interiors were even prettier than they were from the outside.

Our waiter made good recommendations as to which flavors of tea to order as did the friendly Spanish manager.  The choices on the menu wer quite varied and dizzying- as everything looked indulgent and delectable!

Divine seafood lasagna

Normandy apple pie

red berry vanilla ice cream

Our food did not take long to arrive and everything was worth every penny.  It was generally easy to get the staff’s attention, and they were all very courteous and seemed to be happy to be working there.  The only slight downside was the bad acoustics and tiny space of the place, but superb quality and equally good service outshined those things.  This is one place worth several visits to sample all the other things on offer.  TWG can be found on the ground floor of Greenbelt 5. They get 4 sparkly silver stars from me.