It’s quite refreshing when an establishment actually follows up on a customer comment card. I had a not-so-nice experience with the Gelatissimo Greenbelt 5 branch and filled out a comment card with a not-s0-nice but very short sentence. There were no cockroaches in my gelato or anything like that, but the sales personnel weren’t the most pleasant. I figured they’d read the comment and (hopefully) shape up their act. With all the other things going on that day, I moved on and shook off the inis. About a week after I got this email:

Good day, Miss Gomez.  Thank you for your recent visit to the Greenbelt 5 branch.  We acknowledge receipt of your customer comment form and appreciate the feedback you gave us. 

We’re glad to know that you found our product to be excellent.  However, may I inquire on what happened that made you write “terrible customer service.”

Customer service (especially in our branch) is our top-most priority so I would like your concern to be addressed.

I assume you’re busy but I am willing to wait for a reply at your most convenient time.

 Please accept my apologies in behalf of my team.  Rest assured that I will do something about it once I hear from you.

 Thank you for your time and attention.

To which I replied:

Thank you for getting in touch to follow up about my comment. It’s nice to know that you prioritize customer service. 

 With regards to what happened a few weeks back, my family and I excitedly entered your shop in Greenbelt and wanted to sample some of the flavors before deciding on what to order. Granted, we were a party of 5 so there were a lot of voices to be heard but the lady who was attending to us wasn’t really paying attention and seemed to be bothered by our requests. When I finally went to put in the order at the cashier, while I was right in front of her, she was preoccupied with whatever it was the rest of the sales team was talking about behind the counter and I had to repeat myself a number of times (because she wasn’t paying attention). From what I could overhear, it sounded like they were working on official business (reports and such) but it seemed inappropriate to be focused on this while a customer is trying to give them business. 

 Being in the business of customer service, it was a huge turn-off and was what made me fill out a comment card. Once I left the card and (presumably) they had read my comment, everyone was quick to say goodbye with smiles on their faces. Someone even ran after me to ask me to put in my email address so that the comment card would be processed. This, considering my not-so-nice comment, was impressive. As is your following-up on it. 

 I’m pretty sure they did not intend to act so dismissively so I hope it can be addressed. It would be a shame to have such a great product ruined by inattention to details and customers.

 Again, I think that it is great that you followed up on this. 

 This is how it ended:

I appreciate the concern you have for our store, Miss Gomez.  Thank you for sharing with me the experience you had in our branch.  It is unfortunate, though, that our goal “to give each and every customer a positive experience” was not met.  I definitely agree with  everything you said and will immediately take action on this.

 Once again, my sincerest apologies for the incident.  I hope that we can make it up to you and your group in your succeeding visits.

So, kudos to Gelatissimo Greenbelt  branch for acknowledging and owning up to an unfortunate experience. Hopefully, all succeeding visits will bring nothing but sweet treats and good impressions.

Fill out those comment cards people. It’ll be a boost to the morale if you let them know you had a great experience and it’ll (hopefully) make a difference when you let them know otherwise.