It’s the shopping season again! And one-of-a-kind items plus lots of new products are launched in huge halls or tents, referred to as bazaars in Manila.

A lot of the time the booths in bazaars are manned by the owners themselves to lower their costs and also to get to know their customers. They probably forget that they need to make sure they treat their customers with utmost courtesy (if not making twice the effort in the hopes of standing out in the midst of more established brands) so they can have better brand recall. Although how owners could forget this is, is something very odd to me. The Golden Rule is still so powerful in day-to-day relationships especially in business, even more so if you’re a start-up that is trying to get word out about your product or service.

Little things go a long way like asking for your customer’s name and using it straightaway, making him or her sign a guestbook/directory so you can get in touch with them for future promos, gifting them with small samples or volume discounts where applicable. But nothing goes more unnoticed than a genuine interest in helping your customer find the most suitable product for them. Genuine interest in your customer period. Because no matter how fabulous your product is, your customer will walk away if your attitude stinks. And there’s no telling what a pissed off customer will do aside from no longer patronize your product.