Krispy Kreme Manila’s service has been improving as  of late. I remember it taking forever for the staff to get my order right ESPECIALLY if I ordered a Chiller.

At the Bonifacio High Street branch, a server asked me: “Have you been served yet?”  (the correct and polite use of the present perfect tense was such a refreshing change as its use is often avoided by a good number of Filipinos out of fear of getting it wrong).

I was given a fresh, hot original glazed doughnut while waiting in line.  It was put gently into my hand wrapped in crispy white doughnut paper. (which I’m not sure exists, but it sure sounds nice)  My coffee soon followed and was served on a tray with a smile.

In the Valero branch there was a woman with a baby slung over her hip, dressed in tatters and was demanding a dozen doughnuts.  She was seemingly not all there as she was aggressively yapping and tapping the doughnut display window. This went on for some minutes, and the server didn’t seem to know how to handle it. So I gave the server a 50 trying to signal inconspicuously, hoping he would take the money to buy her a doughnut. Instead he gave her the money and though she was cussing on her way out (in English!) something like “you Makati people!”, she grabbed the money and left. Later on he explained that she had been in the store on more than one occasion demanding doughnuts.  But what surprised me was he handed me a doughnut right after, saying “it’s on the house.” I was floored.  This type of keen observation and on-your-toes kind of thinking is what sets apart service staff.  Good job Krispy Kreme!