Our most recent and 3rd visit to Anvaya was still very pleasant and relaxing.  (Albeit the food quality is still something that can be improved).  It dawned on my why this piece of paradise tucked in a cove in Morong, Bataan was such a wonderful place to keep coming back to.  It was in the club’s attention to detail.  Things we normally take for granted that they’ve thoughtfully considered to make things a little easier for the guests.


1. stone basins filled with water for rinsing the sand off your feet when transferring from the beach to the pool.  The hibiscus flower inside is a nice touch.

stone basin

2. having a wooden bench at the far end of the shower stall ensures you your clothes won’t get wet (or get lost) as you shower.

shower anvaya

3. shaded areas in the pool for protection from the blazing sun

pool huts

4. multiple drinking water stations in cute mini birdhouse dispensers, always filled with paper cups.  You can even write your name on the paper cups to avoid wastage, part of Anvaya’s contribution to conservation of the environment.

birdhouse water disk







cup zoom





paper cups

5. hampers for your things while you swim in the pool (something we didn’t actually use since we didn’t stay in this area, but it’s a great idea)


One thing that’s lacking though is a phone or intercom system for calling a buggy when you’re locked out of your room or suddenly have your access revoked, minutes before check-out time.  (which is exactly what happened to us on check-out day)

That aside, all the little details enumerated above show that the resort puts utmost importance on their guests’ comfort and relaxation.  The staff also mirrored this with their pleasant smiles and respectful greetings, especially the housekeeping staff and buggy drivers.  This kind of service and care really makes for good memories.  It’s really what customers are after (especially when they are looking to relax) and what people in the service industry should constantly strive for.