You’re in love with your new baby and want to spend every waking moment with him or her.  But in between sterilizing bottles, changing nappies, giving baths and getting rid of colic as you sing lullabies, you are running on empty.  Though coming to terms with the fact that you need help pronto isn’t always easy, it is okay to ask for help!

Here’s a checklist to help you weed out the keepers from the creepers as you go through interviewing yaya candidates:

1. Employment History

Ask her how long she stayed with each of her former employers, the ages of the children she took care of and what her past responsibilities were.  This will indicate her levels of commitment, versatility and how trainable she would be.  It will also help you ascertain her communication abilities, especially if you expect her to be able to converse with your child in English.

2. Reason for Leaving

You need to investigate the reasons why she left each of her employers.  Try and see if she is honest about her retelling of the reasons and if there seems to be a pattern.  Does her leaving usually have to do with issues concerning other members of the household staff or children she can’t seem to get along with?  Ask for reference numbers, so you can dig deeper.

3. What would she do if…?

Give her various scenarios that are likely to happen concerning your child.  What if your child refuses to eat?  What if your child is sick?  Her answers will reflect her actual experience and will show you how she responds to difficult or stressful situations.

4. Health Issues

It’s necessary to make sure that yaya  is physically fit to handle the job.  Asking for a medical certificate as part of  her interview requirements will help you find out if she has any health issues like a heart problem or asthma.

5. Child-approved

See how your child responds to yaya.  Naturally, children are resistant to change in the beginning, but knowing your child as well as you do, you’ll probably know from his/her body language if this candidate will more of a headache or if she actually deserves a chance in your household.


Before wrapping up your interivew with a yaya candidate, make sure you watch out for the following red flags:

1. Shifty eyes – Is she able to keep friendly eye contact with you throughout the interview or does yaya constantly avoid looking at you directly?  You will probably have an inkling of whether she’s just a little shy or if she trying to hide something from you.

2. Tone of voice – Does she reply to your questions in a respectful manner or is she slightly aggressive or defensive at times?  Don’t fault her for not being able to answer too quickly as she may just be needing time to think of her reply.

3.  Hygiene – A person who can’t maintain proper hygiene is someone you wouldn’t want around your kids.  Telltale warnings would be long fingernails with chipped nail polish, unkempt hair, wrinkled clothes and poor body odor.


Printed with permission from Celebrity Living Magazine Philippines