When I called to complain about my glacial PLDT Internet DSL connection,  I was expecting to get the usual unhelpful and insensitive customer agent that robotically recites textbook answers. You can imagine my surprise when I was assisted by the most helpful and sincere sounding agent.  His name was something like Aljun or Jun Roderes/Ridores, and the call happened around 6-620pm last July 24.

He helped troubleshoot and isolate the cause for slowness of the connection speed and even recommended trying a different browser.  He never made me feel that he was getting impatient with my questions and made use of good positive reinforcement when I was able to follow instructions correctly.  Being sensitive to the frustration in my voice when the steps still didn’t yield the desired result (ie the connection was still as slow as aged molasses), he said “Don’t worry ma’am, I’m just here)  For a minute I got disoriented as to which company I was talking to as PLDT has been known for agents that don’t exactly know empathy.

Before the end of the call, which took almost half an hour, I asked for his name and told him he was the kindest and most helfpful customer agent I had ever spoken to in PLDT.  He humbly replied: “I’m just doing my job to keep the customer happy.” Imagine a world where more people thought this way? Wow!

For this incident, PLDT hotline 172 Mr. Aljun or Jun Roderes/Ridores definitely gets

Hope this is not an isolated incident but a sign of PLDT’s commitment to transform its customer service to a positive force that consumers can rely on and trust.