We headed down south last weekend to see what the fuss was all about over this new ramen place called Yushoken in the Molito area in Alabang. Even if there was a bit of a line that trickled to the restaurant’s exterior, we didn’t have a long wait because of the restaurant’s tip to arrive before 7pm for dinner when I had called to try to reserve a table. (Yushoken doesn’t accept reservations).

It was a cute place with a lot of wood and a nice bar area. Service was quick, and that was quite impressive seeing as there was a steady stream of customers coming in and turn-over was rather high. We probably waited only 10 minutes to be served, after having waited about the same amount of time to be seated.

Yushoken has a large, glass window kitchen so you can view the gyoza as it’s being made. Restaurants with open kitchens always get my thumbs up. And food quality was quite good too. The gyoza was nice and toasted and ramen had a savory and kind of thick quality to it. Prices were also reasonable.

It had its own bathroom which was a nice touch, considering the restaurant itself was quite small. As we stood up to leave, the owner personally thanked us for coming, which was nice. It’s definitely worth a second visit to try the other ramen flavors.