Since getting a new mattress had long been overdue (the main indicator being aches upon waking up), a first time trip to Uratex was a bit exciting. The Marikina branch was quite comfortably airconditioned, and we were immediately assisted by a friendly and knowledgeable salesperson named Aldwin. He asked some standard questions then led us to the second floor where all the mattress types were displayed on different bed frames.

Uratex mattresses

Next came the fun part: testing out the mattresses! Uratex had a really cool black plastic sheet that connected to a laptop with a program for showing which mattress type was most suited for your body. This is called the Uratex pressure test.

The red portion indicates the part of your body not getting enough support. Luckily the best choice of mattress was unanimous, based on the pressure test and actual comfort we felt while doing all that mattress testing. Since the mattress length fell under the made-to-order category, it required 7 working days for completion.


image taken from Uratex blog

image taken from Uratex blog

The whole purchase process was practically seamless though. We were led to a waiting area with ample seating, where we were asked to fill out a satisfaction survey.


We were even supplied with hard surfaces to write on, which I thought was very thoughtful. The sales representative also handed us with 2 plastic faces (one happy, one sad) which we were requested to drop into a box that indicated our satisfaction with the service we had received. Of course we rated him quite high as he was quick, courteous, friendly and very patient. He knew his job really well and exhibited pretty good empathy too, but still knew to keep his professional distance.

Uratex survey Uratex_dropbox

Before the end of the business day, I received a call from ShaSha of customer service verifying if the mattress measurement we had given was in fact correct- as we had been unsure of this. was pleasantly surprised by this, as I’m not used to getting follow-up calls from service providers. I normally have to do all the checking in even if it’s information needed by the supplier.

Uratex takes customer service very seriously, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job making sure the staff takes this to heart. It’s very inspiring to see local companies like this valuing their customers and having an actual customer service process in place. This positive experience makes for an excellent first impression. Uratex certrainly has my respect and admiration, and will continue to get my repeat service and referrals.