I love a place that constantly communicates with its clients. Basement Salon at Eastwood is one such commercial space as it talks to its clients on many levels. It communicates luxe relaxation through its interiors: using shiny surfaces and sparkly glass details as well as soft, flattering lighting.

sparkly glass lamp



sparkly wall & balls


Their music selection lets you know you that they are current and hip, and somehow that they don’t want their playlist reminding you of a medical waiting room. The vibe is cool and current.

Basement Salon speaks empathy as its staff offers bottled iced tea, and they also check if you’d like your water iced when you request some. They ask you what your mane concerns are (pun intended!) so they can show you price options to help you decide. They explain the treatment process before and during the actual treatment- taking time to indicate the chemical content of certain dyes or lack thereof. (The only thing they forgot to mention was that they were about to put a clear solution on my forehead to prevent color from sticking to it. It’s always necessary to assure your client that your products are safe for the facial area, especially for sensitive skin).

basement shampoo station
Their friendly yet professional staff keep chit-chat to a minimum so they can focus on getting your locks to shine. The entire space has a quiet, relaxed vibe that doesn’t sound like a blow dryer factory. Basement Salon has definitely realized the value of talking to their customers and keeping the conversation consistent.




This is not a paid post. The review here is based entirely on my personal observation and opinion.