There are certainly times when a damn should not be given. Life trips us up every now and again, and dwelling on the little obstacles that are thrown our way just stresses us out. I am all for weeding out the little things that make life even crazier than it is.

If, however, your job requires you to actually give a damn, then please, for the sake of keeping your customers and business, do so.

Halfway through my bowl of stir-fried spinach the other day, I discovered a strand of hair. I am not generally squeamish, but that one little strand of hair hiding in my spinach gave me goosebumps. I know some people would not consider it that big a deal, but I was sufficiently grossed out. I know it does happen. Hair nets (apparently) are not all that effective. It could have been a fluke, it could have been the ventilation’s fault. Still, it should not have been there.

When I called the server over and pointed it out, she said not a word. Not. A. Word. Nor did she seem embarrassed at all. I know it probably wasn’t her fault that there was an errant hair in my leafy greens, after all, she just picks up the bowls from the kitchen and carries it a few feet to the tables. The chances that the hair was hers were slim. (I’d put my money on the hair-netted kitchen crew.) As she sauntered away with the offending dish in hand, I called out to let her know not to bother replacing it. Still, not a word. Not even a glance actually.

My companion and I finished up the rest of the meal but all I could think about was how rudely she handled the situation. It was only when the manager came over with out bill, and AFTER I told her about the hair mishap, that an apology was actually given. By that time, I had already told myself that I’d probably never go back.

This is yet another example of how ill-equipped some businesses are when it comes to dealing with tricky situations. If the server I had first pointed it out to had apologized, (even if it probably wasn’t her fault), I would not have been so irked. Grossed out, yes. But irked, no. All that situation needed was some quick and simple damage control. All it needed was for me, the customer, to know that someone actually gave a damn.