SILVERTRAIN Service Consultants (STSC)

Enhancing Service by Improving Communication.

 In terms of customer service, the Philippines still leaves a lot to be desired. The island nation touts the third largest English speaking population in the world. It is also the globe’s third largest BPO destination, attributing 55% of its GDP to the service sector. Despite these advantages, many locally based businesses continue to suffer from poor customer service processes and vital understanding of customer complaints. This disparity is exacerbated by the lack of proper training in these essential skills across various industries. Against this backdrop, and due to a passionate drive to propell the Philippines to the position of the world’s undisputed service industry leader, SilverTrain Service Consultants was born.

SilverTrain offers interactive customer service training focused on increasing an organization’s customer loyalty and patronage. Through dynamic workshops and hands-on exercises, participants will gain the tools, confidence, and understanding to retain and expand your company’s customer base. In this hyper-competitive market economy, innovated products are soon reduced to commodities as the market is flooded with cheaper versions in record times. The only real competitive edge in this scenario comes in providing a superior customer experience.

The Partners

Tebs Gomez – has a major in Creative Writing and certificate in Interior Design and is the creative side of SilverTrain.  With 7 years experience in communication training for various industries, she brings a fresh perspective to the service industry as a founding member of SilverTrain.

Diversity Management Certified (DMC)™

Certified Conflict Manager (CCM)

Key Leadership Skills Certified (KLSC)

Certified Guest Service Gold® Making Connections

Via Perlas – began her career in Business Consulting in SGV & Co. where her love for training began.   She owes her customer service expertise to several years of experience and training in sales in IBM Philippines and after a year in Italy to study the language,  the training world found her again. After over 10 years’ work experience in the field of training, she founded SilverTrain with Tebs Gomez.

Change Management Specialist (CMS)®

Key Leadership Skills Certified (KLSC)™

Certified Guest Service Gold® Golden Opportunities